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  • General Policy

On the site ( we do not specifically request your personal or identifying information to access or use the site.

Some information may be gathered when a visitor voluntarily signs up for our email list, which is officiated through, and this information is used according to their policies.

Some identifying information may be requested when a user opts to make a public comment on the site. We may employ plug-ins which allow commenting through third party sites like, and this may allow a user to comment under such accounts if they are currently logged in.

When contacting us through the site’s email contact form, you name and email address and other information may be requested. We will use this information for the purposes of responding to you.

Third party applications and services the site employs may place cookies on your computer in the course of the operation of the blogging platform, the serving of ads, or the gathering of statistical information about visitors to the site.

These services are included below.

If you ever feel that your information is being exploited during the operation of the site, that is contrary to our policy. Please contact us to report any privacy concerns you have, and we will make a good faith effort to investigate if the complaint is legitimate, and correct it to the extent possible, and update our privacy policy if deemed necessary.

This policy may be updated or changed at any time.

  • Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics for the purposes of analyzing traffic on the site, while keeping information about the users in those traffic reports anonymous to us. This information may include but not be limited to sites which provided a hyperlink to our site, pages visited, and length of time spent on the site.

More information about Google Analytics, their privacy policy, and what information they collect and maintain, may be found here:

  • WordPress

This site uses WordPress, where users may optionally decide to register and enter their personal details. Though it is our policy to not share your personal information with anyone, this information is provided at your own risk. WordPress may employ the use of cookies to keep you logged in or otherwise. Any identifying information you supply to this site in the creation of a WordPress user account, or through comments, may be transferred to a new owner if the website changes owners.  If you have supplied any of your personal information to the site and would like it removed, please contact us with the details and we will attempt to remove this information from the site to the extent it is technically possible. This could include the deletion of your WordPress account on our site all together and we cannot make assurances about the preservation of any data or writings you enter into the site via WordPress or otherwise.

By supplying your name and email address in your WordPress account registration, you may be allowing other users to see this information. You should not supply it if you do not wish this to happen.

You may receive emails from this site through WordPress related to the function of your user account, for example if you ask to be notified of new comments or posts by email, you sign up for a new account, or request a password request. If you believe to be receiving spam from this domain or otherwise unwanted communications please notify us immediately as that is not consistent with our policy. Any mailing lists we offer are opt-in, and should comply with all spam regulations, and are officiated through a third party (

WordPress plugins may offer ways to communicate through the site via other third party sites, for example Twitter or Facebook. These plugins may or may not utilize cookies these third party sites employ. These plugins are used as-is, and we do not attempt to intercept information about you through them.

  • Links and buttons to Twitter, Facebook, or other sites

By clicking on some hyperlinks or buttons on this site, you may end up being asked to link, follow, share, like or otherwise broadcast a link to this site from a social media account or third party site of which you are a user.

It is not our intention to ever trick you into clicking on these links, and they should be clearly marked as avenues to share our content. If you feel as though a link to such a site is ever not identified appropriately, and does not advertise where the link is taking you appropriately, please notify us. Though we assume no liability for hyperlinks which take you to other web sites which appear on this site, we do not believe links should ever attempt to publicize this site on your behalf without that being your intention.

  • Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, their partners and other 3rd Party Advertisers

Third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your users’ browser, or using web beacons to collect information, in the course of ads being served on this website. We currently employ Google Adsense for advertising on this site, though they may use third-parties to serve both ads and cookies.

More information about Google Adsense can be found here:

This site uses product referral links to These links should be clearly marked as such. Amazon’s privacy policy information can be reviewed here.

  • MailChimp Newsletter

We offer an email newsletter through It is opt-in, and a third party site which we are using to handle our email list. It should provide tools to add or remove your email from the list, but if you have signed up and wish to be taken off the list and need assistance, please contact us.’s privacy policy information is available here.